Best Comfort Height Toilets – Reviews & Guide 2020

Among all the toilets model in the market, Comfort height toilet is the most suitable for all ages and size, and it is also the users choice. The Comfort height toilet allows you to comfortably sit down and stand up especially for the tall people.

It is something known as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) toilet because of the height matches almost all sizes, and it is 17 to 19 inches from floor to the soil which is approximately like the height of a chair. Getting the best comfort height toilet is not easy, but these articles will guide you for a good choice.

Top 7 Comfort Height Toilets

Wood bridge T-0001

This toilet model is an elongated one-piece comfort height toilet. It comes with a soft closing seat that which enhance the durability of the toilet by preventing the seat from being slammed or banged. We recommend this as the best Comfort height toilet in the market you can settle for. It has a modern design with Rectangular bottom that makes your toilet attractive. It comes with a dual flush toilet in which you can choose any of the two which suits your taste. It has two ultra-water saving flush modes that save thousands of gallons a year alongside with the dual flush. The installation process of this toilet can be done without any additional help or tools or you ordering order service of a plumber.

Furthermore, it has a 17 ¼ seat height which makes it comfortable for both tall and average size person. This model comes with a siphon jet flushing fast and smooth without leaving any waste behind. Also, no need to worry about disturbing the house in the night when you flush because the toilet comes with a silent flush system. Lastly, this model has a comfort height toilet with no clogs or leaks, and it keeps running smoothly for an extended period.


  • Soft closing seat
  • Comfort height of 17 ¼
  • Easy installation
  • Modern design
  • No clogging


  • Replacement a difficult task

TOTO MS604124CETG#01 Ultramax II One-Piece

This is an elongated one-piece comfort height toilet. It comes in a finish white cotton color that beautifies the bathroom. The toilet model is considered as the universal height due to its top seat measurement of 17 ¼ inches. It is a comfortable toilet height for all ages and sizes including the disabled while also with Disabilities Act (ADA). Furthermore, it is a water saving toilet by only consuming 1.28 gallons per flush or 4.8 liters per flush. This model comes with. It comes with a double cyclone technology that produces a powerful and at the same time quite flush that pushes waste out effectively and leaves the bowl clean.

Also, it had SanaGloss glazing that protects the bowl either interior or exterior from stain. Being a one-piece toilet makes the toilet edges look smooth and making the whole toilet look attractive as a result of its sleek design. This comfort height toilet is affordable for people looking for something in the medium to upper budget range.


  • Universal height
  • Comes with double cyclone technology
  • Presence of SanaGloss glazing
  • ADA-compliant


  • Does not fit into smaller toilets

America Standard 2988.101.020 Cadet 3

Like most comfort height toilets, this model is also an elongated and one-piece toilet. But unlike, most of these toilets, this toilet comes in various curves. American Standard is one of the market leading brands comes in an excellent range of loos that could fit the bills. It also has both the looks and features to work we in a residential environment. Moreover, it has an easy lift off features that you will find very convenient and comfortable. It has a round front design, featuring a white finish.

More importantly, the model comes with a three-inch flush valve which helps to clear the bowl effectively, every single time. Also, no clogging or leaking occurs during flushing in this comfort height toilet. On another hand, this toilet, as a result of the EverClean surface restricts the levels of bacteria preventing germs from building up. It also helps to reduce water intake rate by only consuming @.28 gallons of water per flush. It is important to know that this model features 17 ½ inch height from floor to the seat making it a comfortable height especially for the disabled and tall.


  • EverClean surface
  • Three-inch flush valve
  • Low water consumption rate
  • The comfortable height of 17 ½
  • It comes with a seat


  • Difficult to replace

Kohler K-3589-0 Cimarron Comfort Height Elongated Toilet

This model comes in several colors such as almond, biscuit, black, ice gray, sandbar and white can for into any modern bathroom. It is a modern two-piece toilet with an elongated bowl which does not take too much space of the room but provides a high level of comfort while taking a seat on it. It had a chair like the height of 17 ¼ inches which makes it comfortable mostly for all people. Also, it is an EPA-certified water saving toilet, and it has a stylish elongated bowl shape.

Furthermore, it comes with the Aquapiston technology which provides it a powerful flush engine which also makes flushing easy, fast and reliable without leaving any waste behind. Also, the Aqua Piston technology makes the flush once and cleans it totally. Based on its water consumption rate, this toilet model only consumes @.6 gallons of water per flush. This toilet system is easy to install just reading the instruction on it. It also comes with a warranty of one year, making it easy for you to repair it.


  • Comes with Aquapiston Technology
  • An EPA- certified
  • A chair like the height of 17 ¼
  • Multiple colors
  • Low water consumption rate


  • Does not come with a toilet seat
  • Just 1 years warranty

Kohler K-3754-0 Kelston Comfort Height Toilet

This is also an elongated two-piece comfort height toilet. It comes with various colors such as almond, biscuit, dune, ice gray, sandbar, and white. It comes with the light-touch flush which is a great feature as it entails a lower actuation force, in comparison to a flapper. This model has an efficient valve in which water reaches 360 degrees, thus creating consistent water flows to the bowl, for every side.

Moving on, the toilet model has an affordable price, unlike most comfort height toilets. It comes with an Aqua Piston canister that provides powerful flushing support engine to the toilet thereby flushing not only fast and smooth but also without no noise. Even though it consumes just 1.6 gallons of water per flush, yet it flushes the toilet without leaving any stain behind thereby keeping the toilet bowl clean and free from odors. It carries its operation effectively by ensuring water for the tank pour in from all sides, effectively eliminating the areas bacteria have been allowed to thrive in older toilets.


  • Multiple colors
  • Aqua Piston flushing technology
  • Affordable price
  • Compact size


  • Complicated installation procedure

Kohler K-3933- NY Memoirs Stately Comfort Height

This toilet is a two-piece round comfort height toilet. It had a dune finish color which makes the bathroom attractive for the user. This model comes with Aquapiston flush technology which is a gravity-based flushing mechanism that flushes efficiently pushing waste through the outlet without leaving any waste behind. Based on its water consumption rate, it consumes only 1.28 gallon per flush on solid flush. This toilet model is controlled using a trip lever that is in an accessible position on the front of its tank.

It is a product from the Memoirs collection, and it has what is known as stately design. The model comes with a boxy tank that helps to preserve water for days for as many users to use it. Also comes with a round front that will help provide more leg room. It is a toilet that is suitable for all ages and sizes especially the tall due to its height level of 17 inches.


  • A stately design
  • Dune finish color
  • Aquapiston flush technology
  • Lower consumption rate
  • Boxy tank


  • Complicated installation processes

Kohler 3810-0 Santa Rosa Comfort Height Elongated Toilet

This model is one of the most elegant comfort toilets from Kohler. This toilet has multiple colors which are biscuit, almond, black, white, dune, ice gray and sandbar which makes it suitable for most modern toilets. It is also a compact design toilet that can fit in most smaller bathrooms. What’s more? The model comes with Kohler’s advanced Aquapiston flush technology that flushes powerfully and smoothly without leaving any waste behind. It uses 1.6 gallons per flush which serves as evidence of its water-saving power.

Furthermore, it has a comfortable height seat for all sizes especially the tall, with its height seat of 17.5 inches which is about the same height as a typical dining table chair. Also, it has a sleek design that makes it attractive to users. As a user of this toilet, you don’t and to worry about cleaning it because it is easy to clean and maintain.


  • Easy to clean
  • Aquapiston technology flush
  • Comfortable seating height
  • Multiple colors
  • Compact size


  • The compact size of the seat most times makes. It small to seat on

Buying Guide

Comfort height toilet is a toilet that has a range of benefit such as; perfect for tall people, for older adults, for disabled etc. But how do you ensure you get the best type of the product or what are those things you must put into consideration before going for this type of toilet.


This is one of the significant things you must put into consideration before going for a Comfort height toilet. This is because this toilet comes in different configurations. For example on Comfort height toilet such as Kohler k-3754-0 comes in different colors while TOTO Ultramax only comes in one color. Also, it is important to note that comfort height toilets come in one-piece and two-piece tend to be more affordable than one-piece toilet it is traditional in its look.

Flushing System

The toilet flushing system is an equally important consideration. This is because some systems are durable and effective than others. For example, while K-3589-0 has an Aqua Piston technology, TOTO comes with double cyclone technology. Double cyclone technology is believed to be effective and durable than Aqua Piston technology.

Water Consumption

Your buying guide would be incomplete without mentioning the water consumption rate condition. The best toilets are known for their low consumption rate of water. So before going for a comfort toilet, it is vital to know the amount of water it consumes per flush, for example, Kohler-K-3754-0 consumes 1.6 gallons per flush while American Standard consumer only 1.28.


Should We Buy A Spring Mattress?

This is the first time you are looking for this type of mattress and you are worried about should you buy a spring mattress? Take a look at this article, it will advise you whether a spring mattress is the right choice for you or not.

1. Structure Of The Spring Mattress

Before buying a spring mattress, we need to understand its structure. Depending on the manufacturer, the spring mattress has different styles and structures. However, they usually include the following components:

Spring mattress’ frame

The spring mattress may have different heights. Nevertheless, to achieve the best elasticity and softness, the height of the spring mattress should be 17cm. And this is also the standard of spring mattresses all over the world. At this height, it achieves the best elasticity  does not affect the health of people when lying down.

Buffer layer

It usually uses high-class rubber mattresses. The buffer layer helps to maintain the mattress flatness and softness. It makes people sleep better, and do not feel the spring underneath them anymore.

Layer of fabric

This layer creates the exterior of the mattress. Most high-end mattresses layers are quilted to create attractive beauty. On the other hand, it helps to increase the quietness when lying down.

2. Advantages and Disadvantages Of The Spring Mattress

Each type of mattress has its own advantages and disadvantages because it is manufactured to serve different customers. Let’s find out if we should use spring cushions?

Outstanding advantages of a spring mattress.

  • Surprising Elasticity: The mattresses are manufactured using modern technology and have a dense density of springs that are arranged logically. It helps the mattress to have a superior elasticity over other types of the mattress but still keep the smoothness and prevent unwanted movement when someone lies atop the mattress.
  • Creating superior comfort: Thanks to the gentle movements of each spring, spring mattress always creates a feeling of comfort and relaxation.
  • Enhancing blood circulation: Spring frames are covered by outer foam, and the spring density is quite uniformly distributed with moderate hardness.  So it not only helps the body relax but also play an important role in increasing blood circulation.
  • Luxurious and sophisticated design: The spring mattress is made from high-quality, smooth and beautiful fabric. So it is selected by many users to both support sleep and decorate the bedroom space beautifully and harmoniously.

Disadvantages of a spring mattress

Besides the outstanding advantages, spring cushion also has some disadvantages such as:

  • The mattress is quite large and quite heavy, it makes transportation cleaning and maintenance difficult.
  • The mattress causes creaking noises when turning around sometimes.
  • The price is higher than that of the pressed cotton mattress.
  • The spring mattress’ lifespan is not as long as rubber mattress

3. The People Who Should Not Use A Spring Mattress

Actually this is a problem many people take into consideration when choosing mattresses. With the soft characteristics and high settlement, the spring mattress is not suitable for all people. Let’s see who should not use spring mattress.

Firstly, people with spinal problems should not use spring mattress. Spring mattress does not help their spine to be in the right position when sleeping so it will increase the pain.

The second one is the elderly. Because, human bones and joints will gradually deteriorate over time, so the mattress for the elderly must ensure their spine is in the right position when sleeping.

Thirdly, the spring mattress is also not good for the spine of children who are under 10 years old. Surely every parent wants their children to grow up healthy and tall. If you want to buy a spring mattress for young children, it must be designed specifically to fit their body. They should not share mattress with adults.

In conclusion

As analyzed above, if you are a young person, spring mattress is a suitable choice. I hope you will have the best spring mattress that helps you to relax after hard working hours and wake up full energy for the new day.

Thank you for reading!


Does Creatine Cause Acne? What Happens When You Take Creatine

As you work out and try to improve your muscle mass, body strength and most of all, your overall physique, the last thing you’d want to worry about is your blemish-free skin ending up being covered with those nasty acne spots.

However, it can be difficult to look for which vitamins and supplements that you should use without going through acne outbreak. For instance, the popular choice of most fitness lovers all over the world is none other than creatine due to its ability to boost the body’s performance.Unfortunately, creatine has earned a bad reputation since users are reporting that it has given them skin breakouts. 

I know you’re wondering by now how does creatine cause acne? Is there any truth to these reports? If you want to know the answer, then please keep on reading below.

How Can Use of Creatine Result to Acne Breakout?

Creatine is widely used by bodybuilders and even athletes as supplement helping them boost their performance to maximum during workouts as well as to gain muscle mass. However, a larger number of creatine users reported that they noticed their skin condition has gotten worse after using creatine as a supplement.

Though there are already studies that connect creatine and acne, I still believe that it is just an indirect cause since. Here are some reasons why creatine is causing your acne break out.

1. You will get dehydrated.

Though using of creatine will not directly result to dehydration, but it might lead you to dehydration. Wondering how? Simply by overworking!

As you supplement with creatine, you will mostly be working out harder than you used to since you are trying to build a definite type of mass. Obviously, you’d be working so hard to bulk up. If you keep doing this without drinking plenty of water or your required daily water intake, you will eventually get dehydrated for sure. Take note that dehydration can give you acne!

2. You are drinking sports drink.

If you are someone who constantly works out, I’m sure sports drinks are one of your must-haves. What’s great about sports drink is that it can give you energy as well as nourishment while you are sweating out in the gym.

However, these kinds of drinks are packed with sugar which likely triggers the increase of your blood glucose level. When the blood sugar in your system increases, your skin will become vulnerable to breakouts.

3. You are working out too much.

Working out excessively will increase the stress level of your body. This is because your body will be engaged in a “fight or flight response”. When your body is experiencing this reaction, your sugar levels, as well as insulin levels, will increase. Your body will then be releasing cortisol or stress hormone.

When these internal processes of your body are combined, your skin will be greatly affected and acne will start showing up.

How Can You Avoid Acne When You Are Using Creatine?

So now that we have learned how does creatine cause acne, you’re probably having some doubts in your mind now. You are probably thinking of giving out your dream achieving that buffed body in exchange for a clearer skin.

Well, I have some good news for you: you can actually do both. Here are some incredible tips to keep your amazing looking skin while at the same time working on your goal.

1. Drink plenty of water.

Think of creatine as a water thief, it will sneak all over your body just to steal away water and quickly transfer it to your muscles. It is important that you fight this! You need to get enough fluid to keep going and this does not include any sports drink at all.

It is recommended to drink about eight to ten glasses of water every day; but when you’re taking creatine, I suggest you increase your daily intake. This will make sure that the amount of water creatine is transporting to your muscles will not be leaving your skin dehydrated for moisture.

2. Decrease caffeine and alcohol intake

Both caffeine and alcohol can greatly dehydrate your body. So when you’re using creatine and the first thing you grab in the morning is your favourite cappuccino, then I suggest you stop and reconsider your diet. Try out low caffeinated teas rather than indulging yourself with dehydrating drinks like coffee.

 Another thing you should check is your drinking habits. Reduce the amount of alcohol you are drinking with the timeframe of your workouts.

3. Cut back your sugar intake.

I know you quickly grab some cookies and donuts on your cheat day. Well, they could be a wonderful treat for your hard work all afternoon in the gym but the sugar will not help your skin problems.

Creatine generates insulin and sugar will make your insulin levels skyrocket. This only means one thing – yes you guessed it right, oily skin!

4. Eat the right foods

You don’t have to solely rely on creatine supplements; there are also some foods that can give you an alternative source of energy.

Check out these foods below that I highly recommend you include in your diet:

  • Honey. This is a great substitute for sugar since it does not comes with the risk of glucose increase. Honey comes with natural glucose as well as fructose and antioxidants for our body. 
  • Bananas. They are a good source of carbohydrates to keep up your energy so I recommend you eat them before you even begin your workout.
  • Yogurt. It does not only have carbohydrates but as well as a much-needed protein, making it great for recovery after working out.

Final Thought

So does creatine cause acne? Maybe yes, maybe no! The only thing we are sure of is that it is possible to look fit and be flawless at the same time. Just make sure you pay close attention to how does the supplement affects you, especially if you are prone to acne.

Anyway, I also answered different questions when it comes to acne like does peanut butter cause acne, does fish oil cause acne, etc. You can also check them out to make sure you keep that clear skin. If you still have any questions about acne that you want me to answer, don’t hesitate to leave it in the comment section below. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Please don’t forget to share this article with your friends.